Hola! My name is Anna Cardenas-Linares. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York,  I have been living in Seattle for over 10 years.  I am a certified birth doula, working in this field for over 3 years. I am currently working at Swedish, and feel very fortunate to be part of their doula program, on top of taking my own private clients. 

I want to create a  sacred space that is your own with an open heart. I want to empower you to see the strength within you and help you in deciding what your birthing style is. It can be whatever you want it to be. I firmly believe that it is your body, your baby, and your decision. Everyone has their own style in various places of life, from fashion to food, so why not birth?

I tend to see myself as a guardian of your desires and hopes. I believe I am fiercely protective of making sure that you are heard, that we work on what makes you feel secure and confident going into your birth. I tend to be a calm presence and am flexible at making sure that I am giving you as many options and ideas as you would like, to have a experience that is all your own.

Doula Related Tidbits:

  • I am certified through PALS Doulas
  • I am a hypno-doula
  • I am trained/have experience in the following areas:
    • Rebozo
      Breast Feeding Basics
      Spinning Babies
      TENS Unit
      High Risk Pregnancies

Random Things About Me:

  • I am bi-lingual. I speak  fluent spanish!
  • I am passionate about dance. A day without dance for me is a sad one. My belief is : “Always be dancing” I would love to dance a birthing parent into labor one day. I dance tango, salsa, bachata, merengue and pretty much will move my feet to anything with a good beat!
  • I am very into fitness. My goal is to one day do a full push up!
  • I love makeup and used to be a free-lance makeup artist. I believe in anyone’s ability to create the perfect winged eye liner!
  • I am very into photography. Especially birth photography that I would to turn into more one day.
  • Wanderlust runs strong through these veins. I travel as much as I can, when I can!





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